Hi. I Am Angelo.
I am an Entrepreneur, a Developer, a Technologist, and a Citizen of the World!

About me

At the heart of it, I love to solve problems! Technology affords me the ability to creatively offer up a solution to something that plagues a small, medium or large business. Since 2000, I've been developing solutions, in different platforms, for a variety of clients. All have had the same thing in common. They can identify the problem, but they have a hard time seeing the solutions.

Through process analysis, I can help identify areas that could use technology to streamline the work and help you become less focused on the process, and more focused on conducting business!

I currently have experience in: FileMaker, PHP, Lasso, MySQL, SQL Server, ASP, Citrix, 2X, VMWare, Hyper-V, Javascript, Node JS, Twilio, Stripe, Paypal, Amazon Web Services, Memcache, and many more.

Some of the Technologies I use